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Camp Activities

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Adventure Days

Adventure Days are a way to ‘mix it up’ at camp.  They are designed to give campers a closer connection to our surroundings, explore new ideas, try new things, and have fun!!!  Campers aged six through fifteen will be able to choose from the following clubs to enhance their full range of experiences at camp.  Campers will get to re-pick their club throughout the summer to give them every opportunity to have a well-rounded experience.

Explorer’s Club – If you like the T.V. show Survivor, then this is the club for you!!!  Campers will develop outdoor living skills such as orienteering, building shelters, and making fires without using matches.  We will also learn wilderness first aid and how to gather food in the wild.

Pyramid Club – Are you amazed at the Pyramids of Egypt?  Ever wonder how someone could make a raft out of some simple materials? Do you want to help animals have places to live and eat in safety?  If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then check out the Pyramid Club!!!  Campers will build their own trails throughout camp, build the rapids, make dams, bridges and water wheels, design and build rafts, and make animal habitats.

Wide World of Sports Club – We know you can play Baseball, Soccer, and volleyball.  But, what about Rugby? Or Cricket?  Or Bacchi? Campers in this club will learn a variety of games not normally played at camp, and will be the hit of the next family picnic, birthday party, etc.  They will be the child in the neighborhood who everyone wants to hang out with because they have a game for every occasion.

Naturalist Club – Naturalists document the world around us and share it in ways for everyone to understand and enjoy.  Campers in the Naturalist Club will observe the other clubs and study the environment of Adventureland.  Emphasis will be placed on making videos, power points, creative displays, and observations of the world at camp.