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Welcome! We appreciate your interest in our day camp! Situated on almost thirty-five acres, Adventureland Day Camp is comfortably nestled between the woodlands of Bucks County and the banks of the Neshaminy Creek in Bensalem, PA. An A.C.A. accredited camp, Adventureland has been owned and operated by the DeVicaris family for 51 years. The camp has built a reputation of quality and excellence in the greater Northeast and surrounding communities by providing a superior Day Camp program for children and young adults.

The "Centerpiece" of our campus is a beautiful, tree-lined lake (over 3 acres in size) which is chock-full of fish and serves as home to families of ducks, geese and turtles.

The campus, its facilities and most of all, our patient and caring staff make Adventureland an ideal setting in which children can build social skills through play, and discover many hidden talents in the process.

Adventureland is a traditional camp that specializes in outdoor education and adventure for campers aged 5-15. Our specially trained staff teach structured lessons in boating, fishing, rock-climbing, high ropes, kayaking, canoeing, outdoor living skills, pond and stream studies, natural history, environmental studies, campfire cuisine, teambuilding, hiking, ceramics, mosaic, arts & crafts, all sports, ga-ga, and more.

Our swim program has been teaching campers to swim and dive for over 50 years. Each morning all campers receive Red Cross certified swimming instruction. Each afternoon is Free Swim.

Each week includes special events like scavenger hunts, spirit week, crazy hat parade, carnival, fishing frenzy, Halloween-at-the-pool, camper talent show, pool staff show, dance party, and late stays.

Adventure Days are offered once a week and give our campers a chance to choose from an array of age-appropriate specialty clubs with extra in-depth instruction. Popular choices include outdoor cooking, jewelry making, traibuilding, rugby, ceramics, kayaking, repelling, ropes, and fishing.

Our Mission

To ensure that our campers experience a joyous, unforgettable summer filled with exploration and discovery.  Guided by our professional and caring staff, Adventureland campers make new friends, try new activities, gain a stronger sense of self and perfect already attained skills and gifts.  We are confident that each child will leave each year on the path to enhanced self-esteem mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.  Our goal is for Adventureland campers to emerge from their summer forever changed for the better and feeling terrific.

Our Philosophy

Philosophers, writers, and sages have often referred to life as a journey.

At Adventureland Day Camp, we believe that summer should be a time to recharge batteries, to experience new environments and communities outside the school setting.  Out traditional camp offers a special place where children feel safe to have new experiences and grow into their own person.  Our campers are encouraged to go beyond the comfort zone of the tried-and-true; to take positive risks by trying something new; to reach out to make new friends.  Studies show that those who take positive risks are less likely to take negative risks in the future. In fact, a positive risk is the defining feature of an "adventure".

Importantly, these adventures happen OUTDOORS. We are, first and foremost, outdoor educators and advocate learning and recreating outdoors. We believe that children and families today are spending too much time looking into the screens of electronic gadgets and not enough time engaging in hands-on activities. We think of Adventureland as an outdoor classroom and that anything taught outdoors is amplified and made more memorable. Many of our staff are former campers ad our many years of experience inform everything we do and every program we create.

Find Your True North is our camp slogan.  We believe our camp, through its broad range of activities and sense of community, to be individually transformative.  With the help of our outdoor classroom, we help kids find out who they are and where they would best fit into the world and thrive. Our camp community is designed to help individuals stretch to become well-rounded citizens and to attain true courage and confidence in life.

In a perfect world, all children would find their true north at a young age.  In reality, this isn’t always possible, but at Adventureland we know it’s never too late to get back on course.  Through our professional ad caring staff, we are confident that each child will leave each year with on the path to enhanced self esteem mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.  Our goal is for Adventureland campers to emerge from their summer forever changed for the better and feeling terrific!!