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FAQ's and Benefits of Working at Camp

How do I apply for a job as an Adventureland Day Camp Counselor?

You can download printable (PDF) applications here:

Junior Counselor

Senior Counselor

Print and fill out the application and mail to:

Adventureland Day Camp
Attn: {Jr. or Sr}. App / Personnel
6401 Hulmeville Road
Bensalem, PA 19020

You may also call the main office at 215 757-9142 at any time between the hours of 8am and 5pm and we will mail you a job application kit. After filling out this application and securing at least two reference forms, you will need a personal interview appointment. At that time, bring the completed application and associated “paperwork”. You will need to bring two letters of recommendation with you. It helps speed up the hiring process. No letters from friends or family members please.

What will I get out of being a camp counselor?

What skills are we looking for in an Adventureland Day Camp counselor?

How long will the job last?

A summer season at Adventureland Day Camp lasts eight weeks. All staff members will also be required to spend one day and one evening before camp for an orientation meeting, and a Meet the Parents Night. All staff members will also be required to attend two evening camp sessions throughout the summer THESE MEETINGS ARE MANDATORY! If you are not a bus driver or bus counselor, your camp day begins at 9:00 am sharp and ends after the last bus departs from camp, about 4:00. Non-driving Staff leave camp after the campers have left.

What are some of the challenges of working at camp?

We’ll give it to you straight: camp is a lot of fun and can be very rewarding, but it has its challenges as well – challenges unlike those you’ll find at any other job. We ask that you take a look at this list and seriously think about whether you have what it takes to overcome these common hardships.

The need to always be “on.” When you are with campers, you’ll need to be on the watch, all the time – to participate and supervise in an activity without getting so involved that you forget to keep your campers safe. You’ll need to keep an upbeat attitude, even with activities or individual campers you don’t feel so enthusiastic about. The safety of our campers depends on your supervision and guidance.

“Regressive pull.” When you’re around kids, the tendency is to act like a kid – just when you most need to act like an adult. You’ll need to resist the temptation to act childishly and that takes serious self-control.

“Envelope of Safety.” You’ll have to find the happy medium between being a friend to your campers and being the responsible adult who sets and enforces rules that keep your campers safe – emotionally and physically. This “envelope” is the area within clear boundaries that you set that allows for safe exploration and healthy risk-taking.

Difficulties with campers. As much fun as working with children can be, kids aren’t perfect. Sometimes campers can be tough; they may be asserting their independence by disagreeing with you or expressing homesickness (even just for the day!) by complaining about seemingly everything. They will find many, many ways to try your patience and test their boundaries – calling each other names, talking when you’ve asked for quiet, getting angry when you ask them to move on from a favorite activity. We will prepare you with tools to handle these situations, but please keep in mind that this can be stressful for the unprepared.

Other Challenges

Working at camp has to be something that you really want to do. Besides the challenges as a staff member, you may also face obstacles when deciding to become a staff member. The following items will give you an idea of what these obstacles could be and how to overcome them.

Wages. If your only wish this summer is to make money, don’t work at camp – any camp! You will make much more at McDonald’s! But if you’re looking for other, deeper rewards, Adventureland could be the place for you.

What will people say? In a recent study of the benefits and hardships of a camp counseling experience by the Association of Independent Camps, some counselors complained that their parents or friends didn’t understand why they wanted to spend a summer at camp. Maybe your parents think you should be doing an internship. Or perhaps your friends don’t want you to work this summer. (Have them become counselors with you!) We would love to have you join us at Adventureland this summer; we know that you will have a great time. We also want to know that you’ve made this decision knowing you are ready for the challenges.

So why would you want to be a camp counselor after hearing about all these difficulties? Because you’ll have the summer of a lifetime, that’s why! Besides being a part of your campers’ accomplishments, spending the summer in the outdoors, and coming away with valuable work experience, there are many other benefits to working at Adventureland.

As a staff member you deal face-to-face with our campers on a daily basis and are the role model they will look to. You deserve the best, and encouragement that you need to do the best job you can. You’ll build self-confidence as you work through the challenges of the summer. You’ll learn how to solve a problem quickly without overreacting. You’ll have a chance to be part of something bigger than any one individual: a community built on caring and belonging. Our comprehensive pre-season and in-service training programs will give you valuable resources and hands-on practice for many scenarios. These training sessions are led by our directors, who have many years experience in camp.

The best memories of your life are made at camp. You’ll make new friends and have the chance to really make a difference in kids’ lives. As one counselor once said, “If you give [children] a half hour, they will remember you the rest of their lives.” You’ll be giving your campers much more than a half hour…and you’ll receive tremendous rewards in return!

After a summer with Adventureland Day Camp, you’ll have life experience that’s incredibly valuable no matter what road you choose in life. That’s what we offer you. We know that our staff is the single most important aspect of our operation, and we will treat you with the respect and appreciation that you are due. You will be part of a team whose watchwords are consideration and kindness. Your directors are mature staff members; they have years of experience at Adventureland and will be glad to pass their wisdom along to you throughout the summer. They are there to provide you with the support and encouragement that you need to do the best job you can. You’ll build self-confidence as you work through the challenges of the summer.

Will this be as good for my resume as an internship at a big company?

We’re here to tell you why the answer is yes: Working at camp is great professional experience. It prepares you for many work environments better even than an internship at a big company. You will learn the same important skills – problem-solving, communication, and leadership – but within a supportive team that helps you get the most out of each day. Employers look for strengths like teamwork, tenacity, and loyalty. There’s no better place to learn these skills than at camp. You will come out of the summer with strong organizational skills, experience talking to groups, and the ability to lead. You’ll be able to mediate disputes, organize a team, and work well under pressure. Skills like these are exactly what potential employers – from banks to publishers to design firms – are looking for! Sure, potential employers value professional experience – the kind you would get from a traditional internship – but they also recognize the even more important life experience you get at camp: the teamwork, flexibility, and leadership you won’t learn anywhere else.We work with experts who make sure to give you these tools at an advanced level.

Top Ten Reasons Adventureland Day Camp Looks Great on Your Resume!

10. Problem solving skills…and we’re not talking about calculus.

9. As you guide your campers to make good choices, you too will learn to reinvent yourself. You may be good at things you’ve never even dreamed of!

8. You’ll have experience working with children — a plus for future teachers, coaches, and many other professions in the field of child development.

7. Professional staff training, and lots of it!

6. You’ve proven you can devote long hours and lots of energy to a rewarding job.

5. Personal growth, maturity, and self-respect… you’ll build these things along with your campers.

4. Being part of a team that works toward a common vision: building stronger, more caring, more competent children. It’s a real sense of community and importance greater than oneself!

3. You’ll build public speaking skills, the better with which to speak at meetings and make presentations to clients.

2. You’ll know how to set a goal and take steps to achieve it.

1. You will learn to lead!